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As we are all aware Julius Caesar and pals first brought about the yearly calendar and at the time ‘Februarius’ as it’s referred to by our Roman friends started out life with a meager offering of just the 23 days … imagine that, 23 days of which to cram your February gardening chores into..
Talking of gardens and their chores, which ‘chore’ tops your must do’s? The annual dusting off and possible repair work to garden tools? Maybe retrieve your faithful mower and check that all is in working order; how has your garden furniture fared, any mould or rust patches? Then ready yourself as this is your earliest opportunity of the year to start (weather permitting) your touching up of ‘said ‘garden furniture with the necessary wood preservative or metal work equivalent of, perhaps Hammerite or other similar alternative.

The next job on your list might well be the creation of new beds and borders - as long as the ground isn’t frozen - first clear the top layer and mark out your boundary with an inward facing T mark to help establish your boundaries; when digging, pile the uprooted sections of earth somewhere in the garden where they will not offend your eyes, as these sections of earth will make for a fantastic source of compost within the coming months.

In the early days of the month you may still be feeling the results of a festive hangover - where your good will to all men can be extended toward our friends of the feathered variety; the blackbird, chaffinch and thrush to name but a few, believe it or not there is a lot to take into consideration if you are intending on providing our little `bird’ friends with a helping hand in the food stakes this winter, first, invest in a reasonably priced pair of binoculars (children’s binoculars will do) and spend a little time devoted to watching the to-ing and fro-ing of the different variety of birds whom frequent your garden, because, depending on the type of bird that can be found in your garden will affect what type of food best suits, your chaffinch is pretty versatile and will eat anything from seeds to kitchen scraps, your blackbird particularly likes the common earth worm, hence it being a ground feeder - it’s a recorded fact that you are most likely to hear the notorious ‘blackbird’s song’ after a downpour whereupon the worm is at its most vulnerable - if you’re debating helping out in the housing department for our little friends, again, the type of bird house will vary between boxes and open-fronted boxes; take our advice, purchase those fore mentioned binoculars and ENJOY!

What’s best to bear in mind in the month of February is that it’s not a month of growth and vitality, we are most certainly still in the throes of Winter, and as such anything that you may think to sow and grow this month is best advised to be put off until at least March as, as we are all acutely aware with this temperamental climate of ours - a snow storm in April isn’t unheard of!

So busy yourself with those tedious winter chores and make hay for the Summer Sun shine!

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