Installing your Timber Garden Fence Panels – Tips and Advice

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Our Range of wooden garden fencing panels are supplied solely by Grange Fencing. Grange have been trading for more than 140 years , thus it is fair to say that they have more than a wealth of experience when it comes to manufacturing wooden garden panels.
Getting on with the job in hand, it is worth nothing that prepping and installing a fencing line can be a long and arduous task; we’d like to take the opportunity to point out that you may wish to enlist a helping hand to assist you in such a project. Make life as simple as you can by making sure that your work space is free from any obstructions, such as shrubs, plants or surplus vegetation.

Getting to work:-

The different heights available within our timber post range are, 2.7m, 2.4, 2.1m, 1.8m and 1.5m.

For your standard 6ft (1.8m) fencing line, as a general rule we recommend you use a 2.4 metre high, 75mm square post. However, if you are including gravel boards in your calculations your safe bet may well be to go with the taller 2.7 metre high post.

With the 5ft (1.5m) high panel, we again recommend 600mm of your delegated post go under ground level, a 2.1 metre, 75mm square post is the recommended selection, and if using a gravel board we would advise jumping to a 2.4, 75mm square post.

The 4ft (1.2m) doesn’t need to lose as much post into the ground – the manufacturer’s suggestion is 450mm. With this panel you are able to use the 1.8m high posts in conjunction with/without gravel boards.

Finally we come to the 3ft (0.9m) high panel; this panel will frequently be used to sit atop brick walls due to its’ smaller, less dominant appearance. We can offer you a bolt down option for this panel (or of course for any panel if you so wish, this would simply be the most common panel height for this specific application). If concreting this panel into the ground, again, we would recommend you do so by sinking 450mm below ground level. The appropriate post will be the 1.5m, 75mm square post, whether you use with/without a gravel board.

Securing your posts
The tried and tested method of securing your posts, is, of course the concreting directly into the ground option, this option is the more secure practice for your posts but is harder work! If using this method we ALWAYS recommend your posts be fixed a set measurement below ground level.
The guidelines are:
• 600mm below ground level for 1.8m (6ft) and 1.5m (5ft) high panels and
• 450mm below ground level for panels 4ft and below.

Metal post supports will make life both - less complicated and significantly quicker, though please be advised that the ground will need to be firm for this type of application.

Elite Posts

For our more sophisticated Elite/Contemporary range of Wooden Garden Fence Panels, we offer a high quality, planed and grooved Elite Post, the Elite Post starts life as a 100mm post which is then planed and grooved, thus reducing it to a 95mm, 90mm or 70mm square post depending on your selection. The heights for the Elite Posts are 2.7m, 2.4m and 1.8m. These premium Timber Garden Fence Panels are currently only available in 6ft x 6ft measurements, so the 2.4m (concreting directly into the ground) post, without the use of gravel boards would be our nominated option, and to reiterate we do recommend a 2.7 metre high post if using gravel boards.
Additional Product Information:

The incised ‘standard’ posts we offer are treated with wood preservative which offers a 10 year warranty against failure of the timber from fungal decay or insect attack.

These home grown whitewood posts are kiln dried and incised on all four sides prior to application of the preservative treatment. This enables a much deeper treatment penetration – up to a minimum of 6mm ensuring a much longer life for the post. The colours available are natural finish, pressure treated or brown treated timber posts – please visit the website for further information.

The premium Elite Timber Fence Post as mentioned above is planed and grooved for a superior finish, the timber is sourced from Kiln Dried European Redwoods; this quality timber fence post comes in a natural timber finish ONLY and is available in a 2.4m and 1.8m 90mm square H post design, a 2.7m, 2.4m, 1.8m 95mm square, flat topped design and lastly a 2.4m and 1.8m 70mm square rounded top design.

Gravel Boards
We offer 4 different variations of gravel board:
• A standard natural finish, pressure treated gravel board: designed for use with our natural finish, pressure treated ‘Traditional’ style of fencing.
• A standard brown treated gravel board: designed for use with our dark brown/golden brown ‘Traditional’ style of fencing.
• An Elite planed and grooved natural timber finish gravel board: to be used in conjunction with the Elite and Contemporary range of Garden Fencing.
• Litecast concrete gravel board: designed to be used in conjunction with the Litecast Concrete Post and our entire range of ‘Traditional’ style Fencing Panels.

Litecast range of Garden Products
The Litecast range of garden products consists of Concrete H posts, of which there are two heights – 2360mm and 1750mm and 1 x Recessed Gravel Board these products . Both of these Litecast Concrete products are available for use with the traditional range of fencing panels, i.e. our Closeboard, Featheredge and Lap Panels.

Post Caps:

There are 5 different types of timber post cap on offer on the click4garden website, they are:

• Brown Acorn Post Cap - to be used in conjunction with the brown, treated 75mm square posts
• Brown Ball Post Cap - to be used in conjunction with the brown, treated 75mm square posts
• Pressure treated/natural finish Ball Cap - To be used in conjunction with the Elite Flat Topped Post 95mm square post
• Brown Treated Flat Post Cap - to be used in conjunction with brown treated 75mm square sawn posts.
• Natural Finish, Pressure Treated Flat Post Cap – to be used in conjunction with natural finish pressure treated 75mm square sawn posts.
• Brown flat heavy duty post cap - to be used in conjunction with brown, treated 100mm square sawn posts
• Natural finish, pressure treated post cap – to be used in conjunction with natural finish, pressure treated 100mm square sawn posts, Elite Flat Topped 95mm square posts or Elite Timber H Post 90mm

Postfix Fast - 5-10 minute setting time concrete mix. We recommend 1 bag per post

The above information has been provided as a guideline only, it has been compiled to help provide you with possible answers to questions that you may find yourself asking when tackling your first fencing line.
If you have any queries with regards to this document’s content or simply have additional queries please do not hesitate to contact us either via email at: or telephone: 0800 288 8178 (free from a land line) 0333 011 0678 (free from a mobile).

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